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Lighting Design

it's all about the light.

Without it we wouldn't even recognize how gracefull architecture and design can be. In different angles, colours and light temperatures, the same situation, Object or feeling can be totally different. Therefore we have assembled our knowledge to support you and your projects. no matter how complicated or unimaginable it seems on the first hand, we always work out a solution, otherwise it would leave us sleeples.

Interior downlight ceiling light design

Interior Design

Since our Team is consisting out of studied Interiordesigners, Building Technicians or HVAC-Planers, we are the right ones to create your spaces. We know whats possible and also economical.

Interior Designer Creating a Mood Board

Fair Construction

A part of us is also specialised on Fair construction, as well as stage design. Incase you need help in postioning your business in an outragious way on any fairs, we are here to assist you.

Business People Walking between Trade Show Booths at a Public Ev

Graphic Design /

Public Relations

You have a Product, business or a Portfolio, that needs to sell? Maybe you also need a new image strathegy?

Since our whole team knows how to raise a good running business, we can guide you to a professional way of presenting yourself on the market.

Photo Of Person Using Laptop For Graphic Designs
Island Villa

We also support projects out of austria.

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Kreindlgasse 1 | 1190 Wien

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+43 (0) 68110497575